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Memorials & Thank Yous

Thank you to all who have provided a meaningful gift to honor a special person, or to remember and celebrate the life of a loved one.



Thank you to Karla Seyer for her donation.

Thank you to Luann Noeske for her donation.

Thank you to Marlys Nellermoe for her donation.

Thank you to Janice & Bruce Ford for their donation.

Thank you to Brenda & Kyle Manning for their donation.

Thank you to Tyler & Amy Greathouse for their donation.

Thank you to Linda Minkel and Anna Williams for their donation.

A donation from John Neff, in memory of Linus.

A donation from Bobi & Erno Kallenberger in memory of Leo, companion dog of Bryan & Julie Kallenberger.

A donation from Keven & Kay Mclain in memory of Lacey, the Golden Retriever of Lorie and Terry Jirschele.


Thank you to Chuck and Susan Quinn for their donation.

Donations in memory of Nancy Jahraus from the following people:

Bill & Stacey Smith
Meg Ryland
Beverly Badger
Craig & Carrie Howard
Sonja Johnson
Robert Jr. & Carolyn Riter
Nancy Thomas
Kathy Flyger
Jody Hardwick
Kenneth & Twyla Bartholomew
Jeff & Cindi Pochop
Greg & Anita Jung
Kathryn & Dwight Lyren
Helen Wegner
Tina & William Van Camp
Brent & Elizabeth Lindbloom
Cristeen Custer & Craig Nilsson
Kathy Lucas
Helene Miller
Susan & Peter Jahraus
Merrie Miller
Karen & Buron Lindbloom
Mr. & Mrs. William Sahr
Brad & Deb Schiefelbein
Michael & Jill Richardson
Robert H. Miller, Fr
Ronald & Joanne Lyren
Paul & Kristen Fauth
Marilyn Soderberg
Anita & Fred Marso
Thomas & Barbara Sogaard
Jeanne Simpson
Carmen Heyd
Eileen Herrin


Thank you Dr. Vicky Wilkey for her donation.

Thank you to April Neuhauser.

Thank you to Jo Mitchell.

Thank you to Arthur & Anja Aplan.

Thank you to Jody Rausch for her donation.

Thank you to Steve (Lee) Huset.

Thank you to Rosalinda Kraig for her donation and membership.

Thank you to Shirley Gross for her donation, continued sponsorship and membership.

Thank you to Mary Wegner.

Thank you to Donna & Donald Gallimore.

Thank you to Susan Schlichenmayer for her donation and repeated adoptions throughout the years.

Thank you to Jenny & Chad Seidel for their donation.

A donation from Kent & Sheila Olson in honor of Buddy, formerly known as Johnny. A cat adopted from Paws two years ago.

A donation from Sandra Kangas in honor of Karen Weber Boyer, Cheriee Watterson and Pam McCown.

A donation from Murray Thompson and Family in honor of Scout (formerly known as James Dean), a dog adopted from Paws last year.

Donations in memory of Nancy Jahraus from Alisa Demers, the Paws Board of Directors, Colin and Mary Keeler, and Bobi and Erno Kallenberger,

A donation in memory of Sheryl Torguson from Bonita Crawford.

A donation in memory of KiKi from the Board of Directors at Paws Animal Rescue. KiKi was rescued by Teddi Martell and adopted by Betty Truax. Such a vital and happy part of her family.

A donation in memory of Luverne Christensen by Bobi and Erno Kallenberger.



Thank you to Brenda and Kyle Manning for their donation to the catio fund.

Thank you to Lynne Valenti who adopted Jack (cat) and donated to Paws.

Thank you to Billie Taylor, who became a new member and donated $50

Thank you to Karla Seyer with the YMCA for their Thanksgiving Day class donation

Thank you to Oahe Federal Credit Union for their donation.

Brandi Valenti made a donation in memory of her fiance’, Bruce Dyker.

Maxine Thomsen made a donation in memory of her husband, Elmer “Tommy” Thomsen.

An anonymous donation was made in memory of Beautyfull KiKi. A dog that was always faithful, loyal and obedient. I hope she is in heaven herding the cats! Beautyfull is spelled correctly – her name was Beauty before she was adopted.


A donation was made to the catio fund by JoAnn Fischer, James Pearson and Margot Pearson in memory of Dagmar, their cat.

Thank you to Sherry Martin

Thank you to Marlys Nellermoe, Mary Wegner and Kathy Flyger.

Thank you to Geraldine Ray for her donation.

Thank you to JCG Enterprises, Inc – DBA Servicemaster of Pierre – Jon C Garry

Thank you to Lori and John Simpson.

Thank you to Carolyn and Bruce Coonrod, Peso and Max for their membership and donation.

Thank you to Cheryl Stone & Dennis Pfrimmer for their membership and donation.

Thank you to Kaydence Horsley for her donation of pet food and money. Kaydence has asked friends and relatives to donate pet food instead of giving her birthday presents for the past 8 years.

Thank you to Kyle Chase for his donation of dog food.

Thank you to Roxanne Rice for her donation of dog/cat toys, food and containers.

A donation was made in memory of Bob Voeltz by the Board of Directors at Paws Animal Rescue.

Thank you to Nancy Lampy for her donation to the catio fund.

Thank you to Eric Raveling for his monthly donations.


A donation from Don Lungren to the building fund in memory of Margaret (Mabbi).

A donation in memory of LaVonne Marshall from The Board of Directors at Paws.

In memory of Gizzy, beloved Chihuahua of Tasha & Bobby Harkless. Tasha is a hair stylist and donated a week’s proceeds to Paws.

SD Paralegal Association made a donation in honor of Art Aplan.

Thank you to Marlys Nellermoe.

Thank you to Roberto Lange.

A donation from Diane Mellan in memory of Mrs. Myra Knox.

Thank you to Lauren Laird – In addition to her new membership, Lauren donated to each: general, building, spec needs, spay/neuter.


A donation from Mary Creager in honor of Betty Truax’s Birthday.

A donation from Bonita Crawford, in memory of Larry Harmon.

A donation from Brenda, Jenna, and Betty, in memory of Blue, cat of Molly Jahraus.

A donation from Ruth Rehn, in memory of Barney, loving dog of Mike and Anne Sines.

Emily and Mike Ward – The first major donation for the catio!!

Jim McClain – Adopted Navidad and donated.

Kathy Flyger – donation for catio and turkey dinner.

Kathy & Mark Hammond – In memory of Blue, cat of Molly Jahraus

Fischer Rounds & Associates – In memory of Larry Harmon

Thank you to JoAnn Fischer, Connie Brewer, Troy & Bonnie Rus

Thank you to Brewer & Rus – new members


In Memory of Elaine Cunningham – Charlotte & Irvin Hoyt

In memory of Phil Ellwein – Bobi KallenbergerIn memory of Toby, a Terrier adopted 8 yrs ago by Bryan & Brenda Gortmaker – Cathy Sonnnenschein


In Memory of Collette Abbot – Mike Weaver & Bruce Johnson

In memory of Margaret Kayser – Beverly LaGraveIn memory of Helga Voeltz: – Disabled American Veterans Auxiliary – Ronald & Betty Herron – Karen Jean Hasek – Roland & Billy Mae Peterson – John & Deann Nystrom – Maxine Kinsella – Dennis & Shirley Eisnach- Forrest & Shirleen Wixon – Bob Parliman – Mary Lou Bethke – Maynard & Mary Greenfield – Ann Devany – Rev. Jon Urbach – Dennis & Lynette James – Judith Perry – Jan Enbright & Kathy O’Brien – Keith & Lila Mae Farlee – Marion Goetsch – Gary Knudson – Steve Van Mullem – Janet L Agena – Robert C Riter, Jr – J.R. & A.M. Mehlhaff – Mark & Ruth Smith -SD State Council Knights of Columbus – Stephen & Susan PietrusIn Honor of Rumor (dog): – Mary Creager – Alan Bellairs – Betty Truax – Anonymous


In Memory of Mickie (dog of Bob & Pat Clark) & In Memory of Lucy (Suzie Anderson’s dog) – Linda Hausvik

In memory of Margaret Kayser from: Alan & Mary Engebretson; Dennis KayserIn memory of Melissa Falcon – Netsmart Technologies, Inc; Helen DuttIn memory of Ron Purkapile – Rhonda Purkapile; Willis & Della McLaughlin; Kathy Simon; Steve & Monica Harding; Kay Cee Hodson; Nagel AgencyIn memory of Helga Voeltz – Dean Hoelscher; B.A. McDonald; J.R. & A.M. Mehlhaff; Richard & Rita Wendt;


In memory of Margaret Kayser from DENR

In memory of Todd Christopherson from Kennison Capital IncIn memory of Max, the Great Dane adopted from Paws, from Callie TebayIn memory of Ron Purkapile – Martha KnostIn memory of Margaret Kayser – Michael Boocock & Jennifer Wegner BoocockIn memory of Ron Purkapile- Diane MellanJulie Kallenberger in honor of Bobi Kallenberger (Happy Mother’s Day!)


Donation in memory of Margaret Kayser by Robert & Roxann Thielen

Donation in memory of Margaret Kayser Roger Novotny


In memory of Margaret Kayser: Darin & Doneen Sanders, Tim & Barb Bjorneberg, Ronald & Myrna Merriman, Karen Jean Hasek, Wilfred & Carmen Peterson, Dawn & Darren Boyle, Joanne E Seamans, Marlys Nellermoe, Darin & Clare Charlson, Vicky Wilkey – The Visiting Vet, David & Mary Quimby, and Wegner Auto co.


Lon Kightlinger, in honor of Jody Rausch.

Mary Wegner donation.Kathy & Mark Hammond in memory of Dos, beloved cat of Matt & Lindy Geraets.


Jacque Johnson “About 20 years ago on January 19th, I adopted a little black and white kitten from PAWS. Although I was told Fred was male, that wasn’t the case……but the name stuck anyway. Today we laid Fred to rest in a beautiful pet cemetery here at Best Friends Animal Society, where I now work. I would like to make this donation in Fred’s memory. Thank you for two decades of love……”

A donation was made by June & Scott Larson in honor of their daughter, Sydney’s 16th birthday.Meeshka, dog of Kim Kusser. From Melita Hauge, Kathy Hammond, Mary Creager, Brian Watterson, Dan & Sally Boyd, Betty Truax.


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