If you would like to adopt a loving cat or dog from us, please contact us via phone or email. Tell us what you’re looking for as well as your lifestyle and we’ll suggest some animals which might fit well into your life. Then we’ll set up a time to show you animals we think might be a perfect fit.

  • Applicants can now fill out the Online Adoption Form, or a three-page adoption application (pdf) must be completed and can be sent to [email protected] or handed in during open hours.
  • We will contact personal and vet references.
  • If you rent, written permission is required from your landlord.
  • You will be observed interacting with the animal.
  • We will ask you general questions.
  • If we feel the cat or dog is right for you, we’ll approve the adoption.

Please remember we are all volunteers and it may take a few days for us to review your application, set up appointments, etc.


Cats – $85.00 + $5.53 tax = $90.53
Includes: testing for Leukemia & FIV (we don’t take any cats which test positive), Leukemia vaccine, distemper vaccine, rabies vaccine, deworming, Revolution (fleas, ticks, and mites), and spay/neuter.

Dogs – $100.00 + $6.50 tax = $106.50
Includes: Parvo vaccine, rabies vaccine, Bordetella vaccine, deworming, Frontline Plus, and spay/neuter.